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Resonator Agency Inc.


These puppets were created for the City of Toronto to help with their new commercial campaign focusing on sorting organic garbage properly! These raccoons will be seen in a number of campaign in Ontario.

Max & Gus.JPG

Gilbert's Craft Sausages

These puppets were created for a series of commercials that were aired in the USA.  Click the link below to see the commercials on their YouTube page!

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Gilberts's Craft Sausages.JPG

Aboriginal Head Start

Aboriginal Head Start, Fishing Lake branch, commissioned us to create these three puppets to be used in their storytelling, cultural teachings and language development. This Kokum, Moose and Mini Sasquatch are sure to have many stories to tell.


Kidney Bean

This Kidney Bean was commissioned by a non-profit organization in Puerto Rico to help promote safety, kindness and community spirit.  This bean was designed from a character sketch from a local artist who created the original character!

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